Cedar Morton

Cartographer, Environmental Specialist

Conservation in Transboundary Basins

In which shared river basins are co-riparian states doing the best job of protecting land that is of high conservation value*?

*High conservation value defined: A variety of worldwide spatial datasets are available that identify broad land areas that are important for different conservation purposes. The World Resources Institute (WRI) amalgamated several of these and, within the combined data, identified those areas experiencing the least human influence. The resulting dataset, called "Intact High Conservation Value Areas," is the core data I used in this map. The WRI dataset merges Conservation International's Biodiversity Hotspots, endemic bird areas, frontier forests, and Ecoregion 200's that fall within the WCS/Ciesin Human Footprint's top 10% of areas with the least human influence. I used the World Database on Protected Areas to determine which parts are protected/unprotected, then combined the resulting data with the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database's Transboundary Basins dataset.

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